Letter to My (Younger) Self

Dear young Ale,

I hope you are doing good, and that you are enjoying your Friday night. Come on, you are 22 years old; you HAVE to enjoy your Friday night. Actually, you know what? I hope you are doing whatever you want. Probably you are doing some homework, so you do not have to do it during the weekend. That is okay, but if you are going to do that on a Friday night, then make it worth it: understand whatever you are reading. Please THINK.

About the future I am not going to say anything, but let me tell you that it you would never imagine where you are or the things that are awaiting for you. I have a bit of advice, though. First of all, enjoy your family more. You do not realize how important they are and how you take them for granted sometimes. Be with them, get to know them better, talk to them more. The Butrones might be crazy, but they are awesome too.

Second: DO NOT BE LAZY. THINK. Be conscious of everything that you do. Every decision counts, and even the simplest one can change your life forever. Start having goals and do your best all the time. You are smart so trust yourself more often. You will be fine, I promise. I know that people think you need to be overprotected, but you really do not.You are strong and you can do whatever you set your mind to.

Third: Love yourself. I know that you have been feeling like the ugly, little duck for while but trust me: appearances are not everything in this life. It feels good to look good, I am not going to lie. But do not let that tiny, little detail get in the way of your self-esteem and confidence. It is better to have a good attitude and be a nice person. You are a nice person already, but you need to learn a thing or two still.

Fourth: Speak more. Nobody is going to bite you if you do, even if you say something stupid. Who cares? Do not be scared of being made fun of. Again, do not take it (yourself) that seriously. Expressing yourself to yourself and to others is very important, so give a shot every once in a while.

Fifth and final: Be happy. Time passes so fast that you do not even notice. Next thing you know is that you are 32 years old, and still you do not have your life figured out just yet. But you know what? That is fine because at 22, 32, or 42, nobody really does anyway.



Letter to My (Younger) Self

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