Nocturnal Walk

Few times I use a personal experience for one of my stories, but this is one of those times. It happened a couple days ago, on the night of the Fourth of July, to be more precise. After having some friends for barbecue, my boyfriend and I decided to go for our nocturnal walk. People were lighting fireworks on the street, and we saw some of them bursting in the sky, too, so I thought that our walk would be something special.

That night, we decided to walk in a new direction. It was a part of the neighborhood that we had not been before, and it looked very pretty: nice new and old houses with well maintained front yards. At some of these places, people still had tents and light series to add up to the atmosphere while they were enjoying with their friends. From all over, one could hear chatting and some music. It was a beautiful night, full moon included.

We kept on walking and talking about how nice it would be to have some of those lights ourselves when we saw a house with something very different. Instead of having lights, they had actual torches, probably six of them, burning intensely. At a first glance, I did not made any of that but, after a few moments, I thought that it was kind of weird to have the torches going on when nobody was there. “Maybe the party is over,” I thought, and forgot about it.

After wandering for another half an hour, we came back following the same route. We passed again the house with the torches, and they kept on burning as if they were just set up. This time, a woman was there staring at the sky. You might think that maybe she was looking at some fireworks, but they were long ended at that point.

For a split second we stared at her. My boyfriend and I looked at each other, and he was the first one to say something. “Why is she wearing all black?,” he asked me. By the time I tried to see her again, she was getting into the house saying something that I could not understand. “It is so weird,” he said. “Do you want to see her?” “No!, ” I replied. And right when I was saying the word, I fell how a chill crawled all over my spine.

It was the very first time in my life that I actually understood what “having the hairs in the back of your head risen” means. Immediately I felt like running from there. Call me crazy but there was something with that house and that woman. What is it? I do not know, but the only thing that I am sure of is that the nocturnal walks should not take us there ever again.


Nocturnal Walk